CellexalVR is a virtual reality platform for the visualisation and analysis of single-cell gene expression data.

Analysing data in virtual reality provides a fully immersive environment where the user can visualise and interact with the data without restriction, with a focus on data visibility and point selection.

CellexalVR is developed for the HTC Vive hardware and works with any single-cell method (UMI, SmartSeq, etc) where the cells are projected to 3 space.

All data from Nestorowa et al, (2016)

News & Updates

Follow the latest updates about CellexalVR below. Bigger feature announcements, news segments as well as events where CellexalVR was featured will be posted here.

CellexalVR 0.13.0

CellexalVR 0.13.0 has been released. You can download it from the download page. Some highlights include improved RNA velocity, improved cell to cell tracking and improved filters. Read more here.

Vetenskap och hälsa article

The Soneji lab was featured in an article in the swedish journal Vetenskap och Hälsa.
Read the article here.

The Soneji lab wins a project grant from Cancerfonden

The Soneji lab was awarded a 3 year project grant from Cancerfonden to carry on the development of CellexalVR. We thank them for their support!

Reuters news piece

CellexalVR was covered in a Reuters piece as one of two projects at Lund University that use virtual reality to visualise and analyse data. Watch the clip below:

DATA Panel and audience discussion

CellexalVR was shown at the DATA Theme Meeting that took place at Lund University on June 20th, 2018. Shamit Soneji took part in the panel discussion that covered topics relating to VR and how it can be used in research and education.

Multi-user feature

CellexalVR now features multi-user support. Several users can connect from different places, be in the same virtual environment and analyze data together. In this session there were three users; Shamit Soneji and Johan Rodhe (BMC Lund, Sweden) and Steve Taylor (CBRG Oxford, Weatherall Inst, UK).

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